Starcraft II Reviews: Criticism over Incomplete Game?

- Starcraft II Reviews: Criticism over Incomplete Game?

As most of you are aware, the official reviews for the game are yet to go live on some of the biggest gaming websites on the net, but that hasn’t stopped users giving their own opinions on the game.

PR has taken a look at some of the user reviews over at Amazon, and we were surprised to see the sheer amount of negative feedback for Blizzard’s strategy based game.

The biggest problem that users can’t seem to get over, is the fact that they consider Starcraft II to be an ‘incomplete game’. A lot of user reviews have scored the game just one star out of five, stating that they shouldn’t have to pay $60 for 1/3 of the full game.

Have you played the game yet? Is the negative feedback justified for Starcraft II or not?

Just so you don’t have to search yourself, here is a few of the reviews that caught our eye –

1) I’ve been watching my friends play and occasionally get a turn and it feels like it could be a lot of fun. From what I’ve witnessed the installation and activation process is horrible and completely ruins the game. A couple people couldn’t even get it to work on their brand new systems. You’ve got to sign up for an account and have internet access even to play in single player mode and there’s no LAN play. It’s ridiculous that honest paying customers have to put up with all this nonsense.

2) So you buy a PC game for 60$… and you get a 1/3 of a game, with glitches and hitches and more ways to make money. I remember when I was excited about blizzard games… i even bought blizzcon tickets this year… I feel dirty now. Why?

3) $60.00 for this? Blizzard is treading on the loyalty of its longtime fans just for a grab for more money. Are the dumptrucks full of WoW money not getting to the office quick enough Blizzard? It seems like now more than ever ‘game’ companies are trying to squeeze every last cent out of its sheep-like fan base.

Obviously some pretty harsh comments on the game. Do you agree with these gamers or not? Blizzard are obviously planning to include more content for the game soon, so perhaps it’s best not to jump to conclusions just yet.

Give us your thoughts on this. You can find a full report on Amazon’s User Reviews here.

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