Review: DOOM Eternal – This ‘Impossible’ Port Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle

large htGH0W - Review: DOOM Eternal - This 'Impossible' Port Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle

It’s a Hell of a conversion.

Look, we know how this is going to go. We’ve been around the blocks more than a few times, and we’re old enough to have been using the internet when people still gave their emoticons noses (and still called them emoticons), so at this point, we don’t have to be soothsayers to know what’s going to happen here: some of you are going to look at the screenshots on this page, look at the number at the bottom of the review and go straight to the comments to ask how we could possibly be doing our job properly.

Here’s the thing, though. Much like a can of Coke, DOOM Eternal is not supposed to be enjoyed when it’s still. Hit the screenshot button on your Switch while you’re playing it (especially in handheld mode) then jump to your gallery and you’ll probably think: “Really? I mean, I could tell it was blurry but it didn’t look that bad.” That’s because the warlocks at Panic Button Games have employed all manner of tricks and sorcery to make sure the thing still looks decent in motion. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. We’ll get to the game’s performance in a bit.

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