r/CompanyOfHeroes – CoH2 – Ardennes Assault [New Player]

- r/CompanyOfHeroes - CoH2 - Ardennes Assault [New Player]

I’m on my first play through.

Is there a better way to save/restart a mission than saving at the very start and quitting if I mess up? Do I have to quit? Is it possible to just reload a save?

In order to restart a mission do I have to “withdraw” and take losses? Once I’ve passed the ‘Intro’ is there a way to simply restart a mission?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to simply restart a mission and it hasn’t gone well.

If I continuously withdraw from a mission (because I’m learning how to play) do the manpower losses add up?

If so, how exactly do I replenish them?

Any suggestions/advice around these topics would be appreciated.


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