Predator: Hunting Grounds – Game Review

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Inspired by the titular sci-fi movie series, this four-against-one online-only hunting game is decidedly more fun when you’re the hunter and not the hunted. In Predator: Hunting Grounds, you have your choice of playing as one of four human soldiers tasked with completing missions in a South American jungle while being hunted by a Predator, the lone alien sportsman out for an afternoon of human hunting. When played as one of the former, this is a solid, objective-based first-person shooter, one that boasts solid controls, varied and multi-part missions, and interesting jungle locations. Except that unlike Call of Duty or other games like it, the constant threat of being hunted by a superior enemy adds some tension to the proceedings.

Where this really gets good is when you are that superior enemy. Much like the similar moments in the Batman: Arkham games, playing as the Predator not only switches the perspective from first to third, but it gives you some cool gadgets, including thermal vision and a personal cloaking device. You have climbing skills that rival an Assassin’s Creed hero. Though, ultimately, how well this works really relies on how serious you, your compatriots, and your competition take this. Even with a good amount of depth when it comes to the jungle locations and the soldiers’ missions — not to mention all the customizing options you unlock as you play (including practical gear and cosmetic skins for characters) — this is still only as good as the people playing it. While Predator: Hunting Grounds isn’t as good as the classic first movie, it’s a worthy addition to this sci-fi series.


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