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zarya 05 - Overwatch - Game Review

This first-person shooter is a Pixar-esque sci-fi wonderland built on an amazing world full of entertaining heroes and villains. As fantastic as the Overwatch universe is, though, it’s strange that so little of the story unfolds over the course of the actual game. Outside of the game’s cinematic opening and some occasional in-match dialogue among certain characters, there’s not much character or plot development. The characters don’t even have a bio in the gallery, only customization options and a list of their abilities. To get the full Overwatch experience, you’ll have to look outside the game to tie-ins such as websites, books, animated shorts, and more.

Luckily, what Overwatch lacks in story development, it more than makes up for in gameplay. Each of the game’s more-than-20-strong roster feels like a complete and unique character. Plus, by allowing you (and even encouraging you) to swap out characters mid-match, there’s more than enough opportunity to find the heroes or villains who fit your particular style of play. The basic controls are easy to pick up and quick to learn, but figuring out the best tactics to use, both for your character and as a part of a team, adds a layer of complexity that will take plenty of time to master. While Switch owners get to play with some wildly unique motion control options, including tilt aiming and even using a Joy-Con as a sort of laser pointer to aim, the system also suffers from performance issues that can cause issues in gameplay. As frustrating as this can be, since the game doesn’t support cross-play at the moment, it doesn’t affect the overall balance of matches. Some fans might be upset that there’s no offline component in Overwatch, but isn’t the first title to require an always on-connection to the internet. The upside of this is that it gives Blizzard more flexibility when it comes to updating the game on the fly and dealing with any toxic players roaming around because of its unmoderated play.


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