DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One

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Look, I loved Doom 2016 and Eternal, replayed both on Ultra-Violence many, many times. My issue with this DLC is that its difficulty is just completely unrelated to the level you choose. And you don’t even realize it at first! The beginning seems fairly in line with what you see in Eternal: few extra lives make it difficult, so you have to struggle a bit. However, sometime in the middle of the first level you realize two things: 1. The battles are EXTREMELY long, with 5-6 waves of demons in a row with NO checkpoints; 2. There are basically TWO extra lives in the entire two-hour long level.

Fine, you think to yourself, I’ll lower the difficulty a notch. Does it help? It does, until you reach the next level, where you get the same thing with the charming addition of timed demons (if you don’t do a specific action immediately after killing them they basically restart at full health), including the bloody four-stage boss! Eternal’s extra life system was already designed stupidly in that if you ran out of extra lives during an encounter and died, they didn’t reset. As a result you had the least extra lives specifically when you need them most. However, this was compensated by the ability to farm them. In this case? Well, you could try replaying the two hours of the first level with tight corridors for the two extra lives you get there, hoping you don’t lose more in the process, but that’s just masochism at this point.

It feels like they outsourced the gameplay too: 1. all the new demons, including the bosses, break the pace completely by requiring you to basically stand in one spot; 2. the time to complete the DLC was clearly extended by saying “let’s just throw in a bunch more demons into tight spaces, that’s gonna be fun!”

I understand that some people enjoy the nightmare-level difficulty that you can find in mastery levels, but what bright mind thought “You know what, let’s have everyone pay for a chunk of the story that is exponentially harder than the main game even at the lowest setting, and NOT WARN THEM ABOUT THIS”??

Eternal was fun, this DLC is just a chore

P.S. The music score was apparently written the same way as the battles: the louder the better. At some point the screeches of the demons become mostly indistinguishable from the background music


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