Destroy All Humans! (2020) – Game Review

destroy all humans b - Destroy All Humans! (2020) - Game Review

This is a kitschy action game that never takes itself too seriously. In fact, if you have a penchant for humor and/or classic sci-fi flicks, you’ll get a lot out of Destroy All Humans!  And at under $30 for the PC version (or under $40 for the console version) it’s more affordable than most other new videogames released today. The non-playable cut-scene sequences at the start of the game set the tone perfectly, with silly banter between Furons before they fly to planet Earth and begin terrorizing farmers and barnyard animals. As you play, you’ll earn the opportunity to upgrade your abilities and unlock other goodies along the way, such as urban and rural scenes to change up the environments (fans of the original game also get access to the never-before-seen “Lost Mission of Area 42”). Along with fighting, there are missions tied to infiltration, collection, and exploration. While the third-person combat may seem like it’s similar to other action games, Destroy All Humans! separates itself with the various powers you have, such as using psychokinesis (“PK”) to fling people, animals and objects around with your mind. This really feels good. There’s also about a dozen other powers, like forgetfulness and hypnosis, impersonating someone (“body snatch”), and many more.

The campy storyline, silly characters and dialog also work to make this more a unique shooter. Despite its variety in powers, there are some limitations (and repetition) in the combat department, but it’s still enjoyable if you don’t mind a less-than-deep experience — which may be more appealing more to younger or more novice gamers. That, and there are some restrictions in where you can go, so its not as much of a “Sandbox” game as advertised. Still, Destroy All Humans! is a fun romp through a funny ’50s style sci-fi game that lets you get a sense of what it’s like being the big-headed bad guy and unleashing havoc on middle America.


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