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A WW2 RTS game with online multiplayer

Company of Heroes 2 places you in WW2 where you may fight as the Germans or Americans. You then have to buy the DLC if you want to play other characters or use different equipment. Dominate each map by stealing flag posts, gaining resources, and smashing your enemy.

Far better graphics than the first game

Company of Heroes 2 has many similarities to the first COH game except that the graphics for Company of Heroes 2 are far superior. You build a base, take over flagposts for extra resources, and build units to destroy your enemy. It is a mix of capture-the-flag and war games. The publisher (Sega) made a mistake in letting Relic handle the development on this occasion because Relic are short on money and are rinsing their customers. As a result, the game has numerous issues and too much DLC that is very expensive. The campaign is boring and ill conceived, but just like the first COH, it is the skirmishes and multiplayer arenas where this game really shines. Plus, when you play skirmishes, you can save and then re-load if things stop going your way.

A game with only two notable flaws

A lot of games evolved from the Command & Conquer games, and where the C&C games eventually went the wrong direction, games such as COH went the right way. The first COH was a very money-hungry game that cost a fortune if you wanted everything, but it had a nice mech balance. Company of Heroes 2 is sadly unbalanced and not as carefully thought out because the person who wins is the person who buys the most DLC. The second flaw is that the game is still unfinished. DLC and mods have been piled into the game before it is finished. It has problems with things such as balance, realism, camera control, unit paths, enemy AI, a clunky interface and the occasional command lag. Does it make it a terrible game? No it doesn’t because it is still great compared to most other WW2 RTS games, but it is not good value for money.


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